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Protect yourself against rising energy costs
Boulder County ballot issue 1A provides low interest loans to help homeowners and businesses afford renewable energy and energy efficient upgrades for their properties.

Go solar - without the upfront cost
This innovative program helps you fight back against the skyrocketing costs of fossil fuel by financing your clean energy and energy efficiency improvements through a bond from Boulder County. Add a solar electric or solar hot water system, install energy efficient windows, increase your insulation, or make other clean energy upgrades without big upfront costs.

Voluntary program without raising taxes
Since the low interest loans are paid through a bond, the only people who pay for the loans are the property owners who choose to participate in this program.

This is not a tax increase. Loans are repaid through a special assessment on participants' property taxes - but if you choose not to participate in this program your taxes will not be affected.

Declare your energy independence
Reduce your monthly utility bills - and your carbon footprint - with clean,
renewable energy and energy efficiency. Ballot issue 1A makes your energy
upgrades more affordable.

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Bringing Clean Energy to Your Community
Check back here over the next few weeks for lessons learned and graphics files to help you bring such an initiative to your community.

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